About UniPAY

eWallet is the most comfortable, safe and modern payment method. eWallet not only makes easier the financial relationships between seller and customer but also offers various extra payment tools for both sides.

About UniPAY

UniPAY offers universal payment system. Whether you are a business owner accepting online payments or simply doing a bit of online shopping, paying for services or sending money UniPAY eWallet is the quickest, safest and most reliable way for it. You can make and accept payments, within seconds online.

You can also use UniPAY service centers to make all kind of payments in cash. At UniPAY service centers in the different regions of Georgia you can receive cash payments, make cash outs and easily withdraw money.


Always keeping your personal information secure and safeguarded with SSL-encryption coding and our built-in fraud protection system, we provide safest online payment solution.That is why many personal or business cooperate with us in order to make safe online payments.

UniPAY has a strong, professional team with great experience in online payments and electronic commerce. The aim of the company is to support electronic money development in Georgia and offer solutions based on innovative technologies for safer payments.